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What is the process of making cement?
First, limestone is harvested from a mine and the rocks as big as boulders are transferred from the mines to the plant and placed into a crusher. From the big boulders, the limestone rocks are turned into the size of a marble after leaving the crusher. After which, these smaller pieces of limestone rocks are placed in a blender where they are mixed with the other raw materials. These ingredients are measured in the right proportion ideal for making the cement mixture.
All mixed together, these ingredients go through the grinder where they are ground up into a powder form. Next, they are passed into a huge rotating furnace that is set to have a very high temperature. This is called the sintering process. That means the ingredients are turned into a coherent mass through the process of extreme heating but not to the point of melting.
Inside the furnace, the materials are exposed to temperature that reaches around 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. The end result is that the raw materials become clinkers. That is they have a glassy and red hot feature about them. They are then cooled. Once the clinkers are cooled they are put through another grinding process along with gypsum that turns them into the fine and soft powder that we all know as cement.
The cement is usually placed and stored in huge holding tanks until they are properly distributed in trucks, and barges. But for smaller requirements, cement is also made available in bags.

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